January 21, 2016

CameraV, the app that protects your personal photos

If you care about the safety of your photos, you might want this app that protects them from the hands of others. Take pictures with mobile so cool, no[...]
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July 21, 2015

The App Date: recognition of the most creative applications of the year

It rewards the most creative applications market from finding roommate to get Sigmund Freud himself solve their problems. They are the best in their sector,[...]
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April 22, 2015

This app requires you to link with selfie prove you’re handsome, blond and blue eyes

It’s called Blume and wants to solve the problem of Tinder and other applications Flirting, where you never know if the person on the other side[...]
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August 11, 2014

An app to feel the arrival of the Magi from the other side of the door

The mobile application Santapp simulating the arrival of Their Majesties by emitting lights and sounds. From the other side of the door, the children[...]
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