March 20, 2019

How Much Do Calls to 1300 Numbers Cost?

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You have a website for your business with a chat option that allows potential customers to ask questions and inquire about your services and products. But, is that enough? Imagine what would happen if your customer support representative wasn’t available to chat with a potential customer. They could go to your competitor and seek information there instead. If you don’t want to lose any opportunities foracquiringnew customers, we suggest you get a 1300 number.


1300 numbers allow potential customers to reach you directly through their landline or mobile phone. They can communicate with your customer service representative and ask any questions they may have. In addition to this, calls on 1300 numbers can be routed to a mobile phone or even an answering machine. This means that your potential customers will always get a response. A 1300 number could be a good option for your business. If you are thinking about getting a 1300 number, an important question to consider is – how much do calls to 1300 numbers cost?

The Cost of Calling a 1300 Number

When a customer calls from a landline, they are charged close to the standard call rate. This is why 1300 numbers are also referred to as local call numbers. However, when a customer calls a 1300 number from a cell phone, they may have to pay more. The cost of calling from a mobile phone depends on the mobile service provider of the customer and varies between carriers. 1300 number may also be included in some carriers “free minutes” plans, so it always pays to check.

The Cost of Getting a 1300 Number

In addition to the cost of calling a 1300 number, you should also consider the cost of getting a 1300 number. Most providers pool premium 1300 numbers that can be leased by a business for a small monthly cost. There are also smartnumbers that are easier to remember, albeit at a premium price point. These are 1300 numbers with a phoneword that makes them easier to recall.

The Cost of Receiving a 1300 Call

When you receive a call on a 1300 number, you typically have to pay a small fee. The fee will differ depending on whether the caller is using a mobile phone or a landline to call your 1300 number. Similarly, if you forward a call on your 1300 number, you’ll be charged a fee that varies depending on whether you forward the call to a landline number or a mobile phone.

In a nutshell, a 1300 number can provide great value to your business and its something you should consider if you want to improve your customer service. If you have any more questions or want more information about 1300 numbers, visit this website.

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