February 2, 2017

10 Social Media Marketing Hacks Every SEO should Know

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Shares, likes, conversations, and threads – these are the signs of your audience’s trust upon you. This trust is the key to fuel up the sales and maximize the profits of your social media marketing campaign. Social media engagement or SME is a new term, coined to understand the effectiveness of online communications in helping you achieve your business goals. It is the process of generating feedback with effective communication strategies and building timeless communication patterns. Social media engagement requires primary analytical tools for tracking the results, which simplifies the hard work required to accomplish the goals.

If you are an SEO, the following 10 social media engagement tips will help you walk to winning the business goals.

1.     Use Multiple Tweets to Convey the Full Message

A majority of the social media marketers add a link in their tweets to restrict the characters within 140-character limit. However, the followers, rarely re-tweet or reply to such tweets. They rarely click on the link you added in the tweet. This flaw can be handled by creating a short 140-character tweet and replying to your own tweet to convey the full message.

2.     Ask a Question

Use analytical tools to track the interests of your audience. Then, ask a question based on the interests. If the question caters with routine life of your targeted age group, chances are that your question will be shared. Simply put, asking a question generates leads, increases the number of shares and followers, and expands social media engagement.

3.     Polls

People prefer least time-consuming communication techniques. Creating a poll is a great way to engage your audience. It also increases your exposure within the industry by using the tagging technique.

4.     Engage Directly

Tag your audience, share your stories, and communicate directly by replying to their comments and tweets. Direct engagement makes you memorable and increases the chances of sharing.

5.     Images that Speak

Screen is shrinking and the number of visual audience is increasing. Use compelling images in your posts and tweets.

6.     SMM

Social media management refers to the online tools used to integrate different social networks, indicating an activity, analyzing customer engagement, and such. Social media management tools reduce the work required to interact with the audience, without affecting the exposure of your brand.

7.     Reduce Fan Base Inflammation

Several hours of research on your social media pages is all you need to list down the inflammatory words used in the comments. The inflammatory words include anything including symbols, which may tarnish your brand image. Facebook has majority of the inflammatory fan base volume. Go to the Page Settings section and add inflammatory words to ban them.

8.     Pre-Schedule

Time is the strength of your social media marketing strategies. If you fear that you will miss posting during the prime time, then pre-schedule the post. Inconsistent communication is the biggest enemy of your marketing campaign.

9.     Mute Trolls

Trolling has become a common trend on social media. People do it for fun, without even knowing its effect on the market reputation of a brand. You don’t want your brainchild to become a victim of mockery. Mute trolls. Ban them. Delete, delete, delete!

10.Create Attractive Titles

Your audience may not read the content for now but they can save it to read later. The title of your post is the key to adding your post in the saved list of your audience.

Above all, do not sell controversy. There is no doubt that controversy sells but at the same time, it also tarnishes your brand reputation.


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