December 30, 2016

How To Know if You Are Doing Instagram Marketing Correctly

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With Instagram you can potentially reach out to a very large number of people from all around the world. The question is, are you leaving a lasting impression?

Using the fast growing social media platform, Instagram, can do a lot for your business by catering to your personal, social and business needs. It can help you reach your target audience by featuring your products for free, connecting with loyal customers and much more. Would you like to know if you are doing Instagram marketing correctly? Continue reading to find out.

  1. You post high-quality photos.

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing tool and the users are very particular about the quality of the photos posted in the app. Because of this, posting high-quality photos can attract the attention of many more people.

  1. You are driving more traffic through your Instagram account.

Using tracking software to accurately analyze the amount of traffic you’re driving to your account is a great way to know if you’re doing things right. If you want to gain more clicks and likes, you might want to enlist the help of Vibbi.

  1. You are using your Bio-Link wisely.

Using your bio to feature links to the landing page of your website, Twitter and Facebook is a great way to make sure you are utilizing your bio to it’s full potential. This is one way to collect more leads and promote your website, blogs and other social media accounts.

  1. You are ready to work with others.

An increasingly popular trend is Cross-promotion. You can promote other Instagram users by speaking about them and tagging them in your posts instead of being in direct competition with them. You can then ask them to support you in the same way and the results of this cross-promotion can turn out to be promising. The result is both companies could be recognized by more users and have an increase in traffic and sales.

  1. You know why you use hashtags.

Another good indicator that you’re doing your Instagram marketing the right way is you are using hashtags profusely. The use of trending hashtags make your posts more relevant and timely. Not only that, they also increase the chances that your account will be viewed by your target audience.

  1. You have a variety of posts.

Mixing up photos and videos in your account is a hot tip from pros and can engage a number of fans, which in turn, can drive more traffic. It’s true a picture can say a thousand words, but a video can literally convey a story which may be more accepted by your audience. Featuring the content and posts on your account that your loyal customers have created about the product is another great way to create variety in your posts.


Creating a unique and personal Instagram marketing strategy helps your brand stand out from the crowd. Since it’s such a flexible platform, finding ways to optimize it to help your business gain more recognition in the digital world is easy and fun.

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