December 6, 2016

Vital essentials to know before buying a wireless router for your home

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wifi_routerWireless internet routers are the electronic devices which help you access internet on one more mobile device. So, you think you require a router for your home or you already had one blinking and which took its turn for worse? Or it could be that your wireless router was working well but it failed to support 802.11n and hence you’re on the lookout for an upgrade. Whichever may be your case and reason behind opting for a wireless router, there are many important facts that you should know about them before taking a plunge. Consumers usually don’t show enough interest in knowing about such routers as they don’t have to interact with them directly. But this is wrong. Let’s take a look at some vital points you should know about wireless routers.

  • Understanding the common wi-fi standards – 802.11n

Before you think of buying a Wi-fi router for your home, you should inform yourself on Wi-fi standards. Majority of the wi-fi users are familiar with the terms 802.11n but they rarely understand the meaning of this number. No matter what, users should always buy an 802.11n router. Routers which are in accordance with this standard will cost you $40 and they are also compatible with 802.11g. These routers will guarantee you highest speed and secured browsing.

  • Whether or not to use the wi-fi router offered by your ISP

When you sign up with an ISP or an internet service provider in the US, they will provide you with rental equipment for around $5 to $7 a month. What ISPs do is they bundle the wi-fi router along with the internet package. But in case you plan to stay in the US for a long period, it is always better to purchase your own wi-fi router as that will be a more cost-effective option. Even though the previous one was a free router, it is better to buy one of your own.

  • Don’t forget about getting a modem

Whenever you’re purchasing a router just because you simply don’t want to use the one offered by your ISP, you should know that just a router won’t work. You will require an in-built modem. The modem is the actual gadget which transfers data from one network to the internet and back to it again. While some routers like the premium Zyxel wireless router is made with an in-built modem, if you don’t have any further choice, make sure you get a separate modem to connect through cable.

  • The security of wireless routers

You require a wireless router with WPA2 support as this is the present best standard for Wi-fi encryption. You may find most of the routers to support some sort of security feature but you should check whether or not the wireless routers have the best security feature and user-friendly interface.

So, before hurrying to the market to get yourself a wireless router, you should learn about the above mentioned facts on them in order to make a wise decision.

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