November 30, 2016

Top 3 Mobile Casino Games You Can Play To Earn Real Money

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Casinos are always amongst the wish-list of the travellers and people often plan their holidays to the places where they can enjoy the casino games as well. But, not everyone is able to travel to an exotic location and play the casino games while making real money. Thus, in the past, people who could not make it to the real casinos used to enjoy the casino games on the desktop. But, with the proliferation of the smart phones and tablets, the mobile casino games are gaining incredible popularity.

Owing to the benefits including play anywhere or anytime, better appearance and graphics of the games, a plethora of attractive features and availability of high-speed internet, the mobile games are surpassing the desktop casino games. Undoubtedly, the mobile casino games on the riseand thus, most of the mobile casino games providers are developing the mobile gaming apps to make it easier for the users to access and play the games.

This post offers you an insight about the top mobile casino games and how you can use them to earn the money while getting a real casino like ambience.

Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune is one of the most popular Android based online casino game that offers an incredible gaming experience and faster payout. With live chat and phone support, it is amongst the most reliable  casino games that you can play to earn money. You can also play this game through an iOS device.


  • Amazing graphics and stunning appearance of casino elements.
  • Quick SignUp and easy to play
  • A plethora of deposit options
  • Simple Android Signup process
  • Smooth and seamless performance on mobile devices
  • Live chat support, and phone support

JackPot City

Jackpot City is another popular mobile casino game which is highly popular among users. One of the best features of this game is its high reliability with bonus amounts ranging up to 1600 Euros.  This game can be accessed through Android and iOS powered mobile devices.


  • A vast array of easy to play games
  • Faster payouts within one or two days
  • Easy deposit process
  • Instant access to the game players
  • Smooth and seamless performance on mobile devices
  • Live chat support, and phone support

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas is also one of the highly popular iOS and Android mobile casino games. With 1600 Euros as a bonus, it offers the players the chances to win a colossal amount of money. The average payout time taken by the Royal Vegas is 3 days.


  • 3 days average payout time
  • Easy deposit process
  • Live chat support, and phone support
  • Instant access to the games

With all the new games and offerings popping up with each passing day, there is no dearth of the online casino games for mobiles and gaming apps to choose from. However, it’s vital that you conduct an online research about the game provider to make sure that you don’t lose your hard earned money. Also, be very careful about sharing your personal information with these game providers.

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