October 13, 2016

They improve our life technologies?

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For the last two centuries, mankind has made tremendous strides in this attraction to innovation and technological progress. From ancient medicine to micro surgeries today, all that great changes have greatly served the man as a whole and also dramatically improve their standard of living. The emergence of global networks of computers like internet, is part of one of those great not that man could do. This network enables worldwide to discover and tell the rest of the planet. The internet is ushering in a new medium, and is just beginning because every day we can discover new ways to bring all kinds of information on our computer. “With billions of pages viewed by a user, Internet far surpasses all the informative databases in the world, as well as all libraries. Books to music through tourist guides, everything is or can be found on the Internet. Great cultural data bank, Internet access is a space or mixing the cultures, traditions and religions. The internet has offered people a freedom never learned before, a chance to escape, but also to exchange. “I think without these technologies, our company would not be made where it is today. Technologies are among us and they never cease to progress to make our life easier. It is through its various functions that technology can expand the field of view of teachers, diversify activities and make them more interactive.

They improve our life technologies

In the life of every day, ICT makes available the resources for learners to develop communication skills, creativity, research, problem solving in a society open to the world and rich collaboration. Today, that does not have a phone, does not have a TV, does not write its work with a computer, no cell phone and does not use holds the search engines to enrich a job. All these technologies help to discover new cultures to the world and to communicate freely with anyone else. The media entertain and inform us no matter where we are around the world. Its no now no longer matter of waiting. It is not mandatory to have a newspaper in their hands to get information. Sites like Cyberpresse allow us to go read all the sections of newspapers and even to track items that are archived. In addition, information is available and accessible through various sites like Google and Wikipedia. I believe that using technology tools in the classroom to allow teachers to pick more students with reality from meaningful activities. The advantage of contacting the child as soon as possible with new technology is that it can be used more sensitively, attentive and will meet its standards. He will know more easily the limits of certain media, and may even contribute to the development of new technologies. I think that using technology in the classroom, the teacher can increase the level of its activities, to more actively engage students with research and create a learning community where they can discuss various topics.

To improve its teaching, the teacher can use various tools like the interactive whiteboard and blogs.Ces two tools will put students at the heart of learning. They can exchange from a blog on the various themes of the day and bring other elements they have discovered and they want to share. Teachers could even use the blog to communicate with parents, but also for them to integrate into the development of their child. In addition, using the interactive whiteboard, the teacher will be able to integrate the elements of a problem through a real situation. With these two educational tools, it could diversify its lessons, and add items to actively involve students. These tools are effective and timely. They can be changed at any time and are in constant change. It is hollowed out that going for activities that are present in our society that students will have a greater motivation to accomplish a project or face the activity.

In addition to improving teaching with these different tools that are faster, improves the diversity offered on the Internet hardware. The teacher has more recent images and high-quality video and holds books with more colorful and diverse images. He might even use digital books that would increase the number of books available in the classroom. He even access to sites such as Vicky gardens that offers her assessment tools, educational activities on different subjects depending on the degree of the child and puts at its disposal material for the beginning of the year. This site allows teachers to save time on creating various tools that he can use in the classroom and also keep up to date on the news appeared in the week.

Beyond technology in teaching, research has been done on the importance of internet in our lives. The firm Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that the Internet is becoming more space in making important decisions in our lives. It even shows that it is increasingly present in the lives of everyone. This tool appears as a fast and convenient way to make choices. This study states that 60 million United Uniens said the Internet helped them with a capital choice. In the details, “we even states that 54% of adults surveyed said the Internet has had a major role when their relatives suffered from an illness. Also, 50% said the Internet had played an important role in continuing to train for their careers. Moreover, 43% of respondents indicated that the Internet had a major role in finding a new place of residence. Finally, 42% were to learn about the Web in the future school of their child. ”

This media is a source of information among others. We are no longer restricted to wait to see a specialist or a professional for information. The internet is everywhere and it comes to us. All media are increasingly powerful and make our lives easier. The cell, for example, in case of emergency, we can reach anyone, anywhere and networks are increasingly strong. It is now also possible to join a person, no matter where it is in the world through programs such as Skype. The media allow us to travel around the world to quickly find the important events that happen no matter where we are. They are among us and go ahead of demand and our needs.

Through all these means, no matter the level of students, teachers can expand their horizons by allowing students to interact with different people from all over the world. Youth will learn about different cultures around them and can share it with others. The technologies can make them more meaningful and interactive lessons. Social networks allow even put in a learning situation the student in writing, reading and the correct formulation of the sentence. Technologies offers so much opportunity and openness to changes and modifications that students should be able to use it properly. Unfortunately, still many people abuse this access, but by inviting the young to use it according to the rules and respect for all, I think we could see the effectiveness of its tools in their everyday life.

Still, the technology improves life so much in education as they allow communication between various schools and facilitate collaboration on a very short timescale. We can develop larger projects with a greater number of people without having to go through all the media available to us. They can stimulate faster and immediately the motivation of young people to the projects presented. By bringing the young to discover new functions, it stimulates their interest and we invite them to want to find out more.

These technologies are part of our life. Instead of dwelling on all the negative aspects such as the misuse of social networks, the excessive cellular youth employment or breach of privacy by blogs or social networks, one should rather learn about the usefulness of these when they are well done and everyone they can make to our society develops further. If each person were really interested in Internet and he would know how to use it, no one is afraid. In any field, there are abuses, but if we learn to use it correctly, I believe that we could experience the various functions to protect and also know the limits.

Can we now say that technology no matter what time of our life saving us huge time and facilitated many of us the task? I think so. The technologies allow to get closer, to facilitate communication and they give us all the necessary information directly into our living room. Personally, I would not be ready started to write my work by hand, do have a phone that can move into the house, to listen to my programs on a small television colorless and especially not powerfully communicate with my friends from the outside through the mail. Technology makes our task much and they never cease to grow.

Finally, technology is present in our lives and they never cease to amaze us with the quality and speed of its functions. They improve our lives by the amount of information available to all, they inform everything that happens everywhere, they point us in the decision-making and allow you to easily update. In education, technology help teachers in their teaching materials, they give him a chance also to go further in his projects with his students. They also give him the opportunity to work with other schools without moving, communicating with his students more easily. Technology in education can overcome the limits, to go into situations of real and meaningful learning for students. It can even make traveling students around the world through social networks. There is another duty to demonstrate the importance of new technologies and their use in everyday life so that there is less abuse and that young people understand the limitations of each. There will always be crooks and fraudsters, it is not with the arrival of technologies that have emerged. Knowing the standards will limit the exposure of personal data and decrease the damage. Students should be aware of the usefulness of the media in the lives of all days than not, they can be used properly. The technology improves our lives by its speed, accessibility and ease to get rich, why in schools is still asks questions about integration?

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