October 2, 2016

Influence Of Science And Technology In The Quality Of Life

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Influence of science on quality of life

Our life is closely linked to technological advances. Thanks to the speed of communication we can meet new discoveries made by researchers worldwide and in all fields. Science puts our service to improve our quality of life.

The truth is that we find it difficult to think as the ingeniaban those who have lived in the past to cope with everyday problems without having all the means and resources currently available to us. And it is that science is in a constant evolution and its main mission is to make our lives better.

Science wants to explain and predict natural and social phenomena. It is not an easy task, since nature is constantly changing, like reality.

We can remember great inventions without which our lives would not be the same:

  • A Louis Pasteur system we owe the pasteurization of milk and the discovery of the vaccine against rabies.
  • A Alexander Fleming owe the discovery of penicillin, which was a major breakthrough in the fight against disease.
  • And Pierre and Marie Curie, the discovery of radiation of polonium and radium and their use, for example in the treatment of cancer.

And many others like them have succeeded with their discoveries that our lives more comfortable. Therefore, science and research are fundamental, are the basis of development of mankind. Continually new problems and difficulties to look for solution appear. Science is a constant struggle.

But despite all these positive aspects, we cannot forget those disadvantaged areas where these advances barely reach: still epidemics, children are starving and in the field of communications, are far behind compared to developed countries.

Technology in quality of life

Because of the influence these advances have on children, the family is not immune to these changes and many parents causes them a sense of vertigo, ignorance, helplessness and uncertainty in your life daily.Regular and know the use of ICT is an experience that members of families, which affects family relationships and the role that each plays in the same face.

Home and school are configured as the preferred spaces for the purchase of guidelines and criteria on the use of ICT. Therefore, parents should teach their children to harness the potential of these systems and make good use of them.

Internet in one click

One source that generates more doubts families is the computer because the children approach the screen at ever younger ages, and they do usually to play, browse and chat with friends. The internet has become an incredible tool for information and communication, but it can also become a resource compromised if minors access the network without proper supervision and advice.

Place the computer in a location of common use of the house, create a home page with links to trusted sites and interesting for children, create favorite lists with the same purpose, inform and advise on how to protect personal data and the danger of spam (spam) or viruses, are some of the tips that parents should consider to address this problem.

To ensure safe use of the Internet should prevent children from accessing inappropriate content and contact with strangers, since these are the main problems that are exposed on the network. You need to create a secure network with specific content and doors to close access to inappropriate content. But as these programs may fail, experts recommend parents to educate and inform their children about their proper use. This requires that families understand that the network may pose the same hazards as the street, and therefore should not leave children alone browsing.

Families can also access specific training courses offered by table centers, the AMPAS or the municipalities, which will help them feel safer in using these new technologies.


Families must ensure that the TV is just one more of the many entertainments within the reach of children. It is therefore very important that parents put care and do not have the TV on all day, because sometimes it becomes the only company of minors and can limit communication among family members.

By not requiring physical or intellectual effort, the TV has become one of the most common forms of entertainment among children. The routine of watching TV is one of the most common sources of conflict between parents and children. It is difficult to reach an agreement on the number of hours that children may be watching your favorite shows or what kind of spaces can see or not.

The first thing parents and mothers should know is that the struggle for audiences is gaining ground and chains have relegated to the background informational and educational programs, a trend that can have very negative effects on children. But it is not necessary to prohibit children watch TV, but you have to select the most appropriate programming for children very well and teach them to have a critical attitude towards the content of programs. A comfortable and useful formula that parents can follow is to record the spaces themselves are worth to see the little ones play in the moments when programming offers nothing convenient.

The video games

Video games have also become part of the life of the smallest in different formats, dynamic and themes. Although the scenes are not real video games, children can be influenced by them, and why adults should choose very carefully what kind of games are most suitable taking into account the age and content thereof. Many websites offer reviews publishers of video games that serve to guide families on this issue, also on the covers of video games must have clear indications of the recommended age.

It is convenient to select games that encourage participation, interaction of several people and strengthen positive values ​​and skills acquisition.

Nor should parents be afraid to join the game. On the contrary, this practice will prevent the child is isolated in his world. And all this without forgetting regulate the smallest time dedicated to this type of entertainment.

The mobiles

The mobile phone has changed the way we interact. Young people are no strangers to this fact and are very active and advanced users of this technology that allows real-time communication with what this means to influence relationships.

Its indiscriminate use has reached such an extent that many schools have chosen to prohibit students carry mobile classes. Furthermore, in some cases, they have come to produce dependency cases. One aspect that influences negatively on the vision of the family on the use of mobile, is to believe that the spelling used in SMS messages could increase the number of misspellings if that form of expression leads to other contexts, which does not it is necessarily true.

Many families choose to give away a mobile phone for children to keep them controlled when they are away from home. In these cases, it is best to opt for a pre-paid for parents to control spending doing their children a negotiated and regular use of the apparatus. However, it should delay the acquisition of the first mobile as possible and once decided to purchase it, select the most appropriate model depending on the use that will be given.

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