August 16, 2016

Solution to all data recovery issues- EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 10.5

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 10.5 could be regarded as the best solution for all kind of data recovery solution. It is said to be the best solution when you are trying to retrieve the lost data due to any reason. The company is offering a 30 day trial for free where you can retrieve up to 2GB data. In case if you are having continuous issues of data loss then you can buy this software for better experience. Data loss could occur due to several reasons, especially due to malware or virus attack, accidentally or while formatting. It is accessible to PC, laptop and other gadgets and could recover data quite easily and faster.

Installing process

The process of installation of this data recovery software is too simple to follow. In case if you have already downloaded any other version of such software, then the entire process of installation will be known to you. You get a warning signal when you have to install it over some other hard drive from where the files are not to be recovered. This kind of installation may lead to overwriting data. Installation of this software may need approximately 22.3 MB. No other software is needed to be downloaded while installing it.


There are six kinds of files like audio, email, video, graphics and more file archives that could be retrieved through this software. Beside every file you get a dialogue box so that one can easily look for the things that you need to look for which has been deleted by you. Start searching for the location from where you can retrieve the file that you have lost. You can actually save lots of your precious time as there are ways by which you can trace the files easily. The search process will be easy to operate.

There is a list of advantages which you will enjoy while buying this memory card recovery software, like:

  • The user interface is too simple and straight forward.
  • Here you can easily access various file system including NTFS, FAT etc. you also get the access over EXT3 and EXT 2 types when you utilize it with Linux.
  • You can recover partition or whole data from anywhere in the system. No matter if you have lost the data through partitions, deletion, virus attack, malware attack o through hard drive, you can get it back through this software.
  • It is compatible with almost all kind of OS. It s compatible with all windows as well like, Windows, XP, 7, 2000, 2003, 8 etc.

Only one disadvantage which may arrest your desire to buy this software could be the high price of it or else it comes with no negative features.

Final verdict

This software is the best stop to retrieve deleted data from any media including hard disk. In case if you have any doubts you can first employ the thirty days trial and remove all confusions. It is costly but the features that it has for you are incomparable. You will be getting your valuable data easily without the assistance of any professional at any point of time.

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