July 16, 2016

Here Is Why Allo from Google is the Most Promising Messenger App

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Finally, Google has also joined Facebook and Microsoft in the newly trending game of chatbots. Google recently announced their plan to launch a new messenger application, called Allo.

Microsoft had already announced that they are creating and installing bot technology in the recent Skype version, and even Facebook revealed specific features that they are planning to install into their Messenger app.

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According to them, it is going to have an intelligent assistant technology, and it would allow end users to achieve a lot more than what they used to without much hassle. It will enable end users to book their services regardless of what kind of services they want to book just by giving commands.

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It will also answer your questions if in case you want to ask something in particular. The Google assistant technology is installed in Allo as a built in bot and it is meant to analyze conversations, understand them, and help end users to keep on carrying them further.

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This will help the application to understand the context of a particular discussion. That said, Google has shown how end users would be able to use Allo to access data about different events, festivals, and people. The Google assistant technology is able to obtain information that the end user is interested in having access to additional details of a particular event or a situation.

According to Google, it will be launched this summer on both operating systems, i.e. iOS and Android (Check best Android Apps). It has also thought of maintaining a competitive edge over Whatsapp by creating an incognito mode for Allo.

It allows end users to delete chats from the system and the Servers, so the text messages do not reside on the receiver’s phone. It also enables users to change the font size, add emoticons, and get suggestions regarding replies that they might send as a response to a particular message.

Interestingly, chat bots can decrease the importance of the process of figuring out which operating system someone is using as they guide end users throughout the conversation which is quite fascinating.

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If end users can achieve more things by using just one mobile application, then it would surely decrease the end user’s reliance on their app store. This Allo messenger app by Google is surely going to take the digital world to a whole new level of artificial intelligence would drive it. It can be thought of as a technology which not only assists you while you are chatting with your friends, but it also enables you to have a talk with Google while you are at it.

Moreover, it might turn out to be a large messenger app and end the trend of having multiple chat bots. It eradicates the high need for free thought and does not show the conventionally stereotypical suggestions that are already seen in other applications. The inbuilt Google assistance system utilizes artificial intelligence, which in turn, observe and analyze speech patterns. Mobile app developers can also manage to take this and use it in other applications.

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Machine Learning entirely drives all messenger, and it stores inputs by end users. Allo is a self-learning and a self-developing app which is going to help end users in getting done with things automatically without making any psychological effort.

The more end users use Allo, the more it is going to automate the process of having conversations with your friends. Not only that, but it would also enable you to send appropriate responses in each and every case. Of all the given suggestions, what you need to do is select one of the offered suggestions and just click on it to send it.

Having said that, it is also important to mention that there is an extension to Allo messenger, i.e. a video calling application called Duo. Duo and App are based out of problems that end users face due to lack of options or lack of suggestions as to what reply they should send, especially those who do not have a strong command of English language or who are too busy to think of responses manually. Both of them use your phone number and allow you to contact anyone who is in your contact list.

As per the released information by Google, it can be concluded that Allo is a game changing application which enhances the process of having conversations or accessing information. It is an incredibly smart app which surely will provide customers with a highly satisfying and a convenient experience.

It is going to make it convenient for users to get involved in an amazingly meaningful conversation. With the help of highly advanced technology, Allo has features that no one can avoid, and one would surely like to check it out once, at least. Allo is the best substitute for Viber, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and all those messenger applications as it enables end users to do everything that you can do using the above-mentioned apps.


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