June 27, 2016

High Class and Pocket Size – Mobile Gamges 101

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Smartphones have become vital parts of our everyday lives. They take care not only of our communication needs but keep us up to date with the latest news, as well as the life events of our friends and families through social networks. And they also take care of many of our entertainment needs. Today I’m going to cover one specific form of mobile online entertainment, which can be very entertaining and lucrative at the same time: mobile casino gaming.

Mobile casino games – a short history

The first mobile casino games were released in 2004 when smartphones were not even on the drawing table. Running on Java-powered phones with small screens, the games could not live up to their potential. But all this has changed after the launch of the iPhone in 2007 – it redefined the way mobile games look and feel. Since then mobile casinos have grown to have a never before seen variety, interactivity, and security.

Where to play

If you seriously consider mobile casino gaming, look for a reputable partner to play at. The older it is, the better. The Royal Vegas Casino would be one of the recommended destinations to start at, with its history of over a decade and good reputation. And it also has a more than decent library of games to play on the go.

How to get started

Getting started at the mobile Royal Vegas online casino is very easy. You simply open a browser window, navigate to the Royal Vegas Casino website and register an account. From there on you are ready to test drive the system, through the Royal Vegas’ free “practice mode”, or make a deposit, claim your free bonus and start playing for real.

Before you get started, make sure you are allowed to play casino games. To play, you need to be of legal age (at least 18 years old in most territories) and to live in a territory where you are legally allowed to play gambling games. Besides, it is strongly recommended to read the casino’s terms and conditions to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

What games can you play?

Most of the mobile games you can find at the Royal Vegas Casino are slot machines. It has one of the largest individual mobile game libraries of them all, with over 100 games in total – and more than 80 slot machines to try. Aside from these, you can try blackjack, video poker, bingo and other games, too.

And if this library would not be enough for you, you can return to the casino on your desktop PC and access its much larger library of games.

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