April 20, 2016

Mobile Phones vs Business VoIP: What’s Best for Your Business?

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Good communication is vital to the success of any business. From you communicating with your staff in a professional and efficient manner to your staff communicating well with each other and your customers, communication is the key to keeping staff happy and bringing in new customers so that your business can thrive.

There are currently two schools of thought when it comes to communication systems in businesses. Some prefer mobile phones for staff, while others prefer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. Here, we breakdown the pros and cons of each so you can decide what’s best for your business.

Mobile Phones

Pros: Mobile phones are a great option because, as the name suggests, they’re incredibly mobile. This makes them perfect if you have a mobile workforce, such as salespeople who visit clients at their offices, drivers who deliver your goods to clients, or people who work from home regularly. If all your staff have mobile phones, then they’re always contactable at all hours. Something that can only help with your communications.

Cons: The main downside to providing mobile phones for your staff is that they’re incredibly expensive; particularly if you’d like your staff to have top of the range technologies. For example, the iPhone 6S currently retails at over £500 per phone. Business rates are available, of course, but they’re still incredibly expensive. As a further downside, staff with mobile phones provided for them often also use them for personal use, so you’ll have to monitor what they’re all using for and potentially draw up a terms of use contract.


Pros: Cloud telephony is far cheaper than providing all of your staff with mobile phones. Because you make and receive calls via your internet connection, which also boosts its practicality. You can also pick specialist packages depending on whether you’re using VoIP as a single user or a business; so you can always get the best deal. You can read more about the benefits of VoIP and pricing here.

Cons: The main con associated with VoIP is that it’s not quite as portable as mobile phones are, so it can limit your staff slightly if you’re continually on the move. You’re also reliant upon a strong internet connection, so ensure you have the strength and speed of connection required before taking out a package.


Those are the pros and cons associated with both VoIP and mobiles. Now you can choose which is best for your business.

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