March 21, 2016

Outfit your S7 Edge in a Customized Skin

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your S7 Edge in a Customized Skin

The sleek, high-tech design of the latest Galaxy S7 Edge looks pretty cool when it’s in the store, sitting safe behind a glass display window. But once you get that sucker in your hands, it takes on a significantly different look. The advanced flat screen that takes up more than half of the S7’s surface quickly collects a giant mass of fingerprint smudges. The smooth, polished surface doesn’t just look bad after light use, it’s also very fragile. A few bumps and jolts are all that it takes to leave permanent damage in this beautiful cell phone. If you want to keep your S7 as good as the day you got it – without keeping it behind a protective glass display – you’re going to need a skin.

Your phone is a major investment and, depending on your profession, could be a near requirement for success in your career as well as in your personal life. A custom S7 Edge skin offers your Galaxy S7 smartphone protection from the threat of wear and tear. Its vinyl material absorbs the shock of sharp corners, piercing objects, and rough surfaces so the exterior of the S7 Edge stays in perfect shape. The vinyl will also ward off dirt, grime, and the infamous smudging.

The S7 Edge is a beautiful phone, so whichever skin you choose should never threaten its design. The best S7 Edge skins offer a superior fit, accommodating its full dimensions – including the curved edges that give it its name. It should wrap around the various ports and buttons, so as to accentuate their position and not interfere with their function. The dbrand Galaxy S7 Edge skins create a fit within a micro-millimetre to offer this kind of coverage. Every button, bezel, corner, and curve is accounted for.

In addition to fit, your skin should also provide some serious stylistic choices. Galaxy S7 Edge skins can be as beautiful as your phone. In fact, they can be better, as they come in far more choices than the smartphone’s four (black, white, silver, and gold). Customized skins can take on creative and unusual designs, including true colours (like magenta, purple, blue, and red) and textures (like mahogany, metals, leather, and carbon fibre).

So when you’re ready to outfit your Edge in a skin, remember to look out for protection, fit, and style. With these three things in mind, you can get an S7 skin that’s worth your while. More importantly, you can keep your smartphone looking as good as the day you saw it in the store – untouched and damaged free.

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