March 12, 2016

4 “Musts” to Follow for Your Business PowerPoint Presentation

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Every now and then, a new business enters into the market and adds competition woes. You would definitely not sit idle and watch others building a substantial market share. In general, you spend most of your valuable time in developing marketing campaigns. However, it is hard to measure the outcomes if you are not equipped with right tools. Resources for conducting business are getting scare. Therefore, you need to devise some economic and smart strategies for attracting clients. You can do this by engaging your prospects through a presentation and using PowerPoint tool is the best option.

PowerPoint Can Change the Face of Your Business

  • Creates promising engagements
  • Allows your prospects to visualize your offerings
  • Generates smart returns on investments
  • Eliminates costly expenses of marketing campaigns

These are some of the benefits of using PowerPoint presentation. However, many presenters commit mistakes by becoming too much poetic or getting excited. They add too much detail in slides, which makes audience distracted. Moreover, the design is not chosen properly and the whole presentation becomes annoying. The first step of making the presentation successful is to build trust in audience.

Here are few steps that would help you to deliver result oriented PowerPoint presentation.

Choose Appropriate Content

First, you have to decide about the content that you are going to present. Do not copy and paste paragraphs of your presentation into your slides. In order to create a smart appeal, the PowerPoint slides should consist of main points. In case, you face difficulty in remembering the contents of your presentation, you can use note cards, which are more effective.

Sharpen Delivery Skills

Your audience would listen attentively to you when you speak in comfortable tone. Speaking with confidence would allow your audience to become empathetic towards you. While delivering your presentation, maintaining eye contact with audience is important. It would give a sense to the listeners that the presentation is meant for them.

Before you hit the floor, you should engage yourself in practice sessions. During such sessions, make it a point to complete the presentation within the prescribed time. Be familiar with the topic because you may be asked questions and you should be in a position to clarify doubts. In order to stay within time limit, use timer.

Audience spends roughly 20% time to go through visual support. Your aim should be to draw your listeners’ attention. Therefore, do not read slides too often.

Simplicity Creates Appeal

When you are preparing PowerPoint slides, your aim should be to incorporate simple design. Designing your slides with PowerPoint templates is not restricted, but you should do it smart manner. Do not make the slides clumsy with rich graphics. If you want to use animations and pictures, use them as support for your content. Adding charts to the slides makes the contents interpretative. Ensure that the slide should contain at the most two charts. For creating the best appeal, you can hire PowerPoint design service like Professionals working at such reputed firm can maintain consistency in your slides by matching colors and incorporate same font size and style in all slides.

Choose Right Font for Texts

Use fonts that can be read with ease. Sans serifs fonts like Arial, Calibri, etc are the ideal choices to make. Avoid using centered alignment as it does not look professional and it is hard to read. For the ease of reading, use left hand or right hand alignments. In order to create the best outlook, you have to follow the 666 rule. According to this rule, there should be six words per bullet, six word slides in a row and six bullets per image.

These are some of the tips that you should follow to make your PowerPoint presentation effective. A smart presentation definitely allows you to gain an edge over your business.

Author Bio – Jimmy Tank is a business blogger who often recommends for developing excellent presentations. He develops professional PowerPoint slides for clients to boost business returns.

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