February 29, 2016

Keys to Building a Great SEO Marketing Campaign

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Displaying great professional writing in your marketing campaign is one really important part of attracting potential customers. Since print has become at least partially obsolete, however, it’s necessary to tailor your writing and marketing to search engines. The way to make sure that your business comes up first on all of the search engines is to use SEO, or search engine optimisation, techniques. This is something that is a lot easier said than done, and therefore it is wise to hire a professional writing firm that specialises in SEO writing for marketing purposes.

The SEO Strategy

One of the main ways to build a successful SEO campaign is to have an effective strategy, which includes several things. The first thing is to establish an objective in order to fully understand how your writing needs to be structured. It is wise to start with doing some basic SEO keyword research. Keywords are the main words that search engines will look for because that is what people are searching for. This is done by searching for three main different kinds of keywords, which include generic keywords, long tail keywords and niche keywords—each of which gets more specific as they go. Using the help of a professional, such as the people at avenuedigital.co.uk, you can create a great SEO campaign without ever lifting a finger.

SEO Planning

The next step in creating a successful SEO campaign is to go through a planning and auditing stage. This is because search engines look for the finest pieces of writing, and place very high requirements in terms of quality. This means that if you want your pieces to show up on search engines, they have to be good. A professional can help you ensure quality by going through different stages of auditing. These audits include ensuring the quality of your HTMLs, title tags, H1 and H2 headings, meta descriptions, keywords, anchor tags and duplicate page content, among other things. Other types of audits that an SEO professional can help you with are ones such as the competitor audit as well as the technical audit.

SEO Campaign Management

Another aspect of your marketing campaign that a professional SEO company can help you with is the actual creation and management of your content, whether that be the sales copy, blog content or content that you distribute through other mediums. A professional company can help recommend and create things such as infographics, buyer’s guides, comparison features, calculators, checklists, product reviews, video content, whitepaper downloads, technical documents and more. All of those things are great, and not only that, but a great SEO company can help you through onsite technical assistance as well.

SEO Reporting

Finally, a great SEO professional can also help you with reviewing the productivity and effectiveness of your SEO writing. They can help you with a wide variety of issues such as technical issues, keyword positions, trends over time, content issues, referring traffic and creating new traffic to your website and pieces of important writing. Knowing how your website and marketing campaign is performing, and being able to judge its success, is crucial to you making a profit at the end of the day.

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