February 17, 2016

Top Instagram Trends that Emerged in 2015

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Over the last five years, the social phenomenon called Instagram has gone from a simple photo-sharing app to one of the most popular and addictive social networks. With a huge community of over 400 million active users, and more than 20 billion pictures uploaded, Instagram has grown into an appealing and fascinating network. Over the years, a number of trends have taken the Instagram world by storm, and 2015 was no exception.

Instagram Videos

Probably one of the most controversial yet well-appreciated announcements in 2015 was the fact that Instagram would now fully support videos. Earlier, it was a photo-only platform and the new seamless integration allowed the community to grow further and share more diverse, vibrant content. Instead of having to shift a portion of their life to apps like Snapchat or go through the cumbersome Hyperlapse or the cloistered Vine, users can now reach out to their Instagram followers with their videos.

The interface is as intuitive as ever, and the short videos run on loop, so you don’t have to look for a replay button. Online comedians have definitely benefited from this, and it has sparked the beginning of the whole mini-series trend. This has also proved beneficial to marketers, as GAP and Mini have successfully pulled off series like #SpringIsWeird and #CountryMan.

Hashtag Emoji

Whether you like them or not, there is no way you can deny the emoji’s tremendous online presence. It is a pictogram which can portray several words in itself. This hidden potential has been tapped into by the folks at Instagram, insomuch that the app now supports emoji in its hashtags. This has unlimited applications and opens up a whole new aspect of the network.

People have used emoji to show the weather, time of the day and so many other situations. Brand marketers can use simple emoji hashtags in their captions to advertise their products. This adds a whole new creative slice to the network, and allows users to re-imagine their posts and presence.

Going for Quality

Gone are the days when any shoddy picture taken from a phone camera could get Instagram likes. Like the app itself, the community too has matured and now only high quality images, with good angles, decent filters and well-thought out concepts get likes. The more “handmade” sort or amateur personal pictures which aren’t taken to showcase artistic talent have found a niche in other sharing apps like Snapchat.

It is worth noting that while aesthetically-pleasing, good quality images are encouraged, the community could almost as easily turn on you if you stage scenarios or come up with pictures which are a bit too perfect. Striking a natural balance is very important.

Layout and Collages Gain Popularity

Have you ever tried creating a collage of related pictures on your phone but given up in frustration because the third-party app wasn’t able to bring what you wanted to life? If so, you’re one in quite a few million instagrammers who go through the same troubles. Seeing this, the folks over at Instagram put an end to your woes in 2015 by releasing Layout, a new collage app which works fantastically for collages with as many as 10 templates, allowing users to tweak several aspects and share it on Instagram and other networks.

Collages are another big thing which hit Instagram shores in 2015, with millions of users coming up with great ideas and beautiful collages, which add the element of interest and intrigue for users who can stop and appreciate the post before scrolling past.

The Instagram community will only grow in size and diversity in 2016, and we can look forward to seeing many more similar trends emerge in the New Year.

Author Bio: Ryan Holden is a blogger and social media marketing expert. He enjoys reading and spends a lot of time online. His blog features latest trends, hashtags, and methods to get more Instagram likes.

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