February 17, 2016

A Preview of the New Galaxy S7 from Samsung

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Everyone is talking about the release of the new eagerly awaited Galaxy S7 from Samsung and the date is almost upon us when we get to see exactly what Samsung has to offer the smartphone world this time around. February 21 is the date to look forward to and not only will the new Galaxy S7 be launched but so will the S7 Edge – and according to some rumours doing the rounds, so will a Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

The launch event is titled “Unpacked” and looks set to be a major event, and with the tagline being: “Get ready to rethink what a phone can do,” we are preparing ourselves for just about anything.

Take out Insurance

One thing’s for sure, if you invest in the new Samsung Galaxy S7, you will need to take out insurance to protect your investment.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. How often do you drop your phone getting out the car?
  2. How many times in a month do you lose your phone?
  3. How often do you have near-misses with your phone?
  4. How many times do you spill water onto your phone?
  5. How often do you get caught in a downpour with your phone in your pocket?
  6. How many times does your phone slip out of your hand when taking it out of your pocket?

Let’s be honest, while we all love our smartphones we are prone to dropping and losing them – not to mention falling foul to thieves who are on the lookout to pickpocket a new phone like the highly sought after Galaxy S7.

Taking out insurance will allow you to protect your investment and you can take out a policy that will offer you instant cover against unauthorised use and breakdowns.

Rumoured Specs

Exactly what the new Galaxy S7 will offer is still being kept under wraps but there are a few rumours that seem to support what experts are predicting about the new addition to the Samsung smartphone family.

Check out some of the most likely features:

  • It will boast 64 GB of internal storage, plus 4 GB RAM
  • It will have a 5.1 inch screen
  • The battery capacity will exceed the S6
  • It will be both dust and water proof
  • The display resolution will be 1,440p

Variants of the new Galaxy S7 will likely come housed in a black frame and you will be able to choose from a black, white, silver or gold finish.

As the S6 was so popular, the new S7 will probably follow its lead in terms of keeping many of its features. However, things like the camera will be better as the megapixel count is rumoured to be reduced from 16 to 12 and the f-stop will be 1.7, which will also be a welcome addition.

Be Smart

There’s not long left to wait before we will see exactly what Samsung will offer with its new Galaxy S7 but taking out insurance to protect your investment is definitely a smart move.

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