February 16, 2016

How You Can Use Technology to Live Green

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There are many people who are both tech geeks while also doing their best to be as environmentally friendly as they can. In order to reduce your impact on the environment here are some things that you can implement into your life. The first thing you should learn about is green apps. These are apps that are designed to help you live in an eco-friendly way; one such app would be Paper Karma, an app that stops the barrage of junk mail being sent to your home. If you’re interested in finding more green apps we recommend that you check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

If you’re a tech geek it is safe to assume that you rely on multiple devices to get you through your day. This means always requiring energy to use these devices. This is another area where you can go green. There are mobile solar power charging devices that you can use to power your phones and tablets. There are even solar powered back packs that can be used to power a lap top. Not only is solar energy eco-friendly, but it’s also quite convenient since it doesn’t require a wall outlet to use. Solar power can also be utilized on your roof to power your home year round. Consult with commercial roofer to see if installing solar panels is safe for your roof. Another great way to live green with technology is by having an energy monitor installed. An energy monitor helps you keep track of which parts of your home are using the most energy and where to cut back. Some even adjust the temperature in your house to suit your needs while also lowering the energy output. You should also look into purchasing smart power strips. Most power strips still leech power when an appliance is turned off. Smart power strips are able to identify when an appliance is in use or not and will not supply power from the wall unless they are. Home automation is another way to save on energy. In the event that you forget to turn the light or heating off, home automation through a cellular device can be used to turn off your lights or turn off your heat when you’re out of the house.

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