January 21, 2016

CameraV, the app that protects your personal photos

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CameraV, the app that protects your personal photos

If you care about the safety of your photos, you might want this app that protects them from the hands of others.

Take pictures with mobile so cool, no doubt. But in the age in which we are we have a problem: the danger that your photos end up in the hands of someone who does not have to end.

And with so much ‘celebrate’ of famous personalities who see their intimate photos scattered throughout the network, all operators and applications attempt to remedy one way or another so we can all rest easier with our images.

In this sense there is a tool that may be of interest to any user.

It is CameraV, an Android application with which its developers, The Guardian Project, want to help our photos remain safe and away from the wrong hands.

As it does? As explained from the company, CameraV uses the OpenPGP technology to provide a system of encryption and digital signature, in order that our photos and videos have a strong password and can only be seen by those users with the share.

Photo Verification

But the variety of functions CameraV does not end file encryption, far from it. Among its added value is also the possibility to obtain a wealth of information for all images and videos that have been taken from the user’s phone at all times.

These data will be used, for example, to obtain information from the mobile connection I had when taking the picture, the image external conditions, relocation or address, among other factors.

The latter features comply with two clear objectives: first, to prevent images can be manipulated, since the application will keep the original picture information and be easy to check if it has been modified in some way.

In addition, make sure the image, even unmodified is not used in a different original context. This tool can be very useful for typical times, in social networks, we see apparent images of environmental disasters, bombings or shootings which actually they took place on a different date or even a different country.

If you have an Android phone, you can try CameraV here. If you have an iPhone, sorry: you have to wait.

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