January 4, 2016

Crosswalk: A web runtime hybrid mobile apps

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The HTML5 hybrid applications combine the best of the web and native technologies. A popular platform to build hybrid applications is Apache Cordova.

One of the problems associated with the development of hybrid HTML5 applications is that with the variety of mobile platforms (and versions within each), you have no security what JavaScript APIs and support capabilities of CSS will be available on the device where execute your app.

The project Crosswalk aims to address this problem. Crosswalk is a runtime HTML you include in your app, so your app work on this and behave the same way on any device. Crosswalk is open source, so it is not only free but you can also modify it.

On the other hand, Intel XDK is a free IDE for web application development and HTML5 hybrid workflow covering the development, debugging, testing and building.

XDK uses Apache Cordova and crosswalk, so you can exploit native capabilities of the phone as well as advanced capabilities of Chromium and WebKit. For example, through crosswalk it is possible to execute SIMD instructions from JavaScript through the library SIMD.JS.

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