December 3, 2015

Tips to maximize the mobile phone keypad

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mobile phone keypad

SwiftKey is one of the options available without cost to replace the virtual keys on devices with Android or Apple iOS; you can also choose to proposals like Swype and national development TipType.

Touchscreens have become the almost exclusive favorite interface of mobile phones and tablets. Although fulfill its function well, there are several options to customize the onscreen virtual keyboard.

One proposal is most used SwiftKey, an application available for devices running Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android that offers improved virtual keyboard to optimize the writing on the screen.

Since the update ios 8, keyboards Apple devices can be customized with SwiftKey, which had been available only for Android.

SwiftKey can better organize the distribution of keys and has special shortcuts for quick access to emojis, or to use the voice dictation feature offered by smartphones.

In turn, they have predictive systems that allow writing speed, and allows the entry of words by sliding your finger over the virtual keyboard.

It is not the only option available, and you can also use Swype, an application that has a free trial version and another payment for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Another proposal present at the store Google Play Store is TypTipe, developed by economist Lucas Llach and programmer Daniel Goldberg, who proposes a different keyboard layout, optimized for devices with small screens.

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