October 20, 2015

Three Bluetooth speakers to put music to summer

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Three Bluetooth speakers to put music to summer

Chau cables. Well, not so well for the vast majority of large-sized equipment and medium, but for those who have the music on a phone or MP3 player with Bluetooth technology is always handy carry your files and play them with any wireless speaker system beyond the quality of these.

At home, at work, you get in a few steps (sometimes one) connection is established. In general, wireless speaker systems have a price range ranging from low to medium. The system of linking both ends of the player-speaker system without wires is certainly compatible with most operating systems now in vogue any mobile.

We show here some of the latest releases or will reach local shops, all compatible with any smartphone or tablet that has this connectivity and the ability to send audio streaming to the speaker (most modern equipment includes it).

Musical cylinder

The summer season and the pool. Outdoor music. An ideal of what we have in storage cell or what we can find on YouTube with the PC is a Bluetooth speaker that not even at risk of a splash producing a malfunction complement. A wireless speaker with this feature is the Logitech Megaboom EU, which is already commercially available in Argentina.

This cylinder 22,45 cm, diameter of 8.65 cm and weight 877 g omnidirectional speaker is controlled by the smartphone or tablet. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows an autonomy of 20 hours and a wireless range of 30 meters, besides having a frequency range of 65-20000 Hz.

You can download to the official mobile application for Android and Mac that lets you add additional functions as a musical alarm, five-band equalizer and remote control. It allows becoming a speakerphone. Supports up to an ambient temperature of around 40 ° C. The manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years.

What’s great about this product? Fundamentally sound quality and is splash proof. It felt too is its price: $ 3,999.

Just a touch

Just a touch between the smartphone possessing the NFC (Near Field Communication) function and BT3600 Bluetooth speaker, and the connection between the two states, so that the music we have in the mobile exit Philiips these portable speakers.

But as is multipair, we have linked two cell simultaneously with the speaker and quickly jump from one to another. It also has a 3.5mm input.

It has a power output of 2 x 5 W RMS and hands-free feature to make calls using the microphone.

The bass is not very powerful but we liked acute, with distortion-free sound at maximum volume. The price of this model is Philips 1399 pesos.

The strength of the speakers

The premiere of the new installment of the saga of Star Wars (in this case the issue VII, Awakening of force) as has never before been so accompanied by a marketing campaign with all kinds of products that exploit the theme of this classic science fiction.

A recent Noblex team, the PSB5600 2.1 speaker system is one of these objects that show an aspect with touches of these spatial stories, starting from the same package. But more important it is how well amplifies and outputs the sound. Like all devices of this note, has Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to audio input and 3.5mm headphone output, these two through the wired remote control.

The total power output of the system is 56 W RMS, enough for playing music in environments with an average size. The wireless connection is used for any compatible computer, and when we turn on the PSB5600 automatically searches for any nearby Bluetooth device.

As a matter of personal taste, we are not convinced that the control LED lights and bass knobs are in the back of the subwoofer.

But this view is debatable. The price of this equipment is $ 2,799 Noblex.

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