August 11, 2015

World ranking of streaming music: Spotify or Apple Music or lead the table

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2015 will be remembered as one in which we gave in the final to a new way of listening to music jump. So much so that tech giants like Apple have been encouraged to try to conquer the ears of users … but it will have very complicated. One of his greatest enemies is Spotify but in reality, the Swedes are not the team to beat.

Fewer and fewer those who download music and saved on an SD card and placing it in your mobile phone to listen to your favorite songs.

Over time, the convenience of not having to go with mp3 forth to have on hand nuestrs songs, has made us decant by streaming. Either one or another application, more and more people who use platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Pandora Radio or Apple Music.

At this point, there are many more who have opted for one of the pioneers in these boundaries. So much so that, if question at, we’d have no hesitation in speaking of Spotify as the undisputed king of music streaming. Moreover, there are data to corroborate that we will not misguided: currently has 75 million users, of which 20 million pay their monthly subscription.

Neither seems no doubt if we look at what the most mobile applications are downloaded. Both Android and iOS, the app Spotify is why most opt. However, it remains to see what can Apple with its new service. The signing of the bitten apple presented last June Apple Music platform of streaming music, so it is too early to assess their impact.

However, contrary to what one might think, the leader of these services is none other than Baidu Music. The platform created by ‘Chinese Google’ currently has 150 million monthly active users, more than double of those who use Spotify.

While the Asian leader maintains a virtually insurmountable lead, the fight between Western platforms continues. Under the words of Tim Cook, Apple Music count with only 15 million users, of which 6.5 million are subscribed. In addition, 40% of users left the service at the time timed free trial.

To try to close the gap with Sportify, Apple has reached an agreement with Taylor Swift to provide exclusive video of the concert which featured the singer on 28 November at the ANZ Stadium in Sydney.

Meanwhile, to keep growing, Spotify is closing new agreements with record labels and certain groups to offer its subscribers some exclusive content. To convince those artists who do not want their latest works in the platform, such as Adele and Coldplay, the Swedish firm says is considering making available to its paying customers the latest works of some singers . So, not only contented to artists, but would give users reasons to subscribe.

Meanwhile, instead of the 9.99 euros monthly subscription Spotify, Baidu Music offers users become VIP for a much lower price. For just 10 Chinese yuan (just over 1.41 euros) you can access the entire archive of the Chinese platform. Of course, first you have to master the language.

Thus, taking advantage precisely its advantage in terms of language, its price and the increase experienced digital music in China in the last year (30% in 2014), the platform Baidu has become the undisputed leader music streaming services.

Moreover, if all this were not enough, it closed recently an agreement with the record label Taihe Entertainment Group to Baidu Music can provide the 700,000 records are there in this company, and benefit agreements with national and international musical institutions It is having the same.

Thus, the most striking in the coming years will not see how Apple manages to try to reach the summit of streaming music, but meet the stratagems to launch Spotify to wrest supremacy to China. Did you succeed?

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