July 21, 2015

The App Date: recognition of the most creative applications of the year

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The App

It rewards the most creative applications market from finding roommate to get Sigmund Freud himself solve their problems. They are the best in their sector, and therefore received the awards ‘App Date’, one of the most important technology events of Spain.

This 2015 has been chosen as best Spanish app a mobile app that connects those seeking shared rental flats. His name is Badi.

In addition, the sixth edition of the awards ‘The App Date Award’ Soto has recognized the brothers as the most important Spanish personalities from the international scene, being leaders in Silicon Valley companies and has developed a chess application for Apple Watch.

The prize for the most innovative project has been to Ovalsound, a musical instrument that works through an application, and has gone ahead thanks to collective funding platform Kickstarter.

The App Date has awarded this year for the first time an award to the best experience of virtual reality : the winner was ‘Freud-Me’, a project created by a team from the University of Barcelona, where the user can talk to Sigmund Freud’s “face to face” and become your own psychologist.

Users can chat with a virtual Freud through the Oculus or Samsung Gear glasses, and thanks to a suit with sensors that measured body parameters.

Finally, BeneBene has been chosen by the public as the best application of 2015: allowed to donate goods, from food to clothing, to social organizations.

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