July 13, 2015

Sure it will sell all their phones unlocked

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Sure it will sell all their phones unlocked

The local branch of the company decided to sell, from now on, every team released; they do not require a key to be used with other cell phone companies

Claro Argentina announced today it will begin selling all phones released, without the so-called SIM lock that requires a password to use this computer chip another telephone operator.

According to the company, when it comes to phones already sold (they do have this blockade) users should contact the company to request the corresponding key.

The terminal locking born when companies began selling subsidized phones, that is, dividing the cost of equipment and adding it to the contract of 12 or 24 months, reducing the initial purchase price of the phone.

That is the reason why the price of the phone varies depending on the subscription chosen more expensive credit, the lower the initial price of the equipment (because the other party is divided on the user fees paid each month with your subscription).

Industry defined the SIM lock to prevent users buy a phone with an operator, canceled the operation and pass to another payment unfinished original phone.

Since it came into effect number portability, however, you can change preserving the phone company, for what precisely requires the key, which must provide the operator who sold the original phone; if the user changes the company before the end of his contract you must pay precisely what detracts payment by phone.

Claro’s announcement also falls at a time of industry in which the market of smartphones that are sold online grows while operators are reducing the subsidy offer before purchasing an appliance, thereby blocking SIM is losing sense.

The company says that sales from now on keep the same schedule as before: the more expensive the monthly payment, the lower the initial cost to be paid by the phone user and vice versa.

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