May 10, 2015

Fostering a culture of prevention regarding vulnerability

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Fostering a culture of prevention regarding vulnerability

With nearly 520,000 new daily threats worldwide, the avalanche of malware has reached a new level. Android will maintain its dominant position in the segment of smartphones and tablets, making threats against operating system will trade higher.

Based on current patterns in the second quarter it will triple the production rate of malware for the platform of Google.

SG spoke with Eulogio Diaz, CEO of G Data Mexico on trends in vulnerability, then you share the issues on which Eulogio gave us his experience and GData:

Mobility influence vulnerability

The trend in all mobile devices has exponentially increased so within their range of solutions GData has a specific mobile devices with Android since it is this operating system is the number one goal of all operating systems and more targeted but Apple systems are not exempt.

Mobile devices to be as complete and, in many activities are moving to laptops and care should be taken when activities that may jeopardize the information and equipment are made.

Computer literacy is missing on end users and not all mobile devices are protected. We promote preventive protection rather than corrective.

BOYD and HomeOffice: Recommendations

When an organization has a system of antivirus that can protect the network level mobile devices, reduces the problem of vulnerability. GData has worked to have solutions within the same network, including MAC protect equipment.

Apart from BOYD, another important trend is the remote working (homeoffice), people can use their devices but sometime and somehow work connected to the corporate network.

For all that is important for companies that provide solutions for vulnerability solutions are tailored to meet the trends and main uses that each organization requires. In GData we have worked to make this type of solution

Shopping online and risky sites.

The companies dedicated to providing security solutions, we have long made monitoring banking transactions in order to give users peace of mind when making purchases online or surf the Internet when in fact we GData with a certification in IT Security Made in Germany distinguishes us as one of the most secure solutions for online transactions and banking transactions.

Our area of research in Germany has found that tech sites are now more vulnerable as they are now used by hackers to make its faults, this is because the technology is fashionable.

Eulogio invites our readers to use GData solutions. In Mexico they have six years experience at the international level but have experience of 25 years.

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