April 22, 2015

This app requires you to link with selfie prove you’re handsome, blond and blue eyes

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It’s called Blume and wants to solve the problem of Tinder and other applications Flirting, where you never know if the person on the other side is who he says. Nothing fake or improved profiles Photoshop.

Fear Internet link is now completely overcome. In fact, the traditional work of Cupid has become trivial to perform massively sliding a finger. On the left, crush; right, pumpkins. Fifty million people have already proven the ‘fast food’ Tinder we call romanticism.

The figure could be higher if there was a catch that, until now, been inseparable from digital business ‘dating’. You never know with certainty who is on the other side.

The tall, blond boy with blue eyes and a passion for dolphins that seem to greet might actually be a short, despicable pervert face full of grains (which are also entitled to flirt, no doubt).

Therefore, among other things, many people – especially women – are still reluctant to take the plunge.

With the idea of ending the phonies born Blume; Tinder the umpteenth clone, yes, but this time with a lap of suggestive nut. Before that occurs the ‘match’, you’ll know for sure if your candidate is better half was hand with Photoshop or directly, was passing by who was not.

Born in Copenhagen (Denmark), its creators define it as “honest implementation dates”, which fights phishing with a gun very contemporary: the (happy) ‘selfies’.

It works basically like Tinder, showing user profiles that are close to you (the distance and age group can also be configured) you can decide at a glance whether you are interested in knowing or rather spend the next.

The difference is that if two people like each other, the ‘match’ is not automatic. Both will have to throw a ‘selfie’ with the front camera phone (obviously not worth out of the gallery) to prove that no cheating or cardboard in their profiles.

When potential protagonists of a romance have fulfilled his self-portrait, it is time to see their faces. Each will have seven seconds to analyze the ‘selfie’ her suitor and decide if falls short of their demands. If both give the green light, now we ‘match’. In any case, the ‘selfies’ will self-destruct as snapchat.

Successfully exchange autofotos, when the words come. The ice is already broken. Next to ‘selfie’, aspiring Romeo and Juliet have left a first sentence that opens the conversation. Blume creators recommend it creatively, “Write something original in the ‘selfies'”. Wit, in this case, is what counts.

Thanks to this trick, as those responsible for the ‘app’, 65% of users who get a ‘match’ finish talking. It is easier to start than in Tinder because you have something to talk about. “Hey, have often poster hanging on the wall of the room,” she says. “Well, I have loved your mattress Hello Kitty” says the aforementioned hypothetical.

Passed the process of identity verification, users can also access the full profile of your potential partner. Before they could only see a picture; Now, up to six. It also includes a brief description and a list of interests.

When selecting photos (not the ‘selfie’) to represent them in this dating app, users will have to rely, as in Tinder, which have previously shared on their Facebook profile. It will be considered in this social network that used to register Blume again to complicate things they claim to mask the reality.

As a further deterrent, the screenshots are prohibited. The first time one of the partners try to get a glimpse receive a warning (two hours without access). If you try again, your account will be suspended one week. The deadline was extended by one month on the third and fourth outbreak, if any, will involve expulsion.

In June, Blume took his first steps in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, quickly surpassing the 20,000 users ; and just make the leap to the British and American markets. Its business model, reminiscent of social networks such as Tuenti, is based on hiring ambassadors to promote the implementation on college campuses worldwide.

Currently only available for iOS, but the Android version is also on track and we can leave your email you to notify you when you see the light. Refrain less, yes : the ‘app’ only allowed to enter those who have ( or say have, that this is not checked with ‘selfie’) more than 18 years.

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