April 21, 2015

Survey shows business mobile computing priority in testing and APIs

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Survey shows business mobile computing priority in testing and APIs

Appcelerator published the results of its latest survey of business mobile computing.

Information from the survey, which made us more relevant and confirms our suspicions, it is the high priority being given to the testing and development of APIs that can provide data for mobile applications.

Below is the list of aspects related or mobile computing initiatives that are receiving higher priority on corporate, according to the survey. The percentage reflects the number of participants that marked this aspect as a priority.

  • Testing platform for mobile apps (46%)
  • Specific APIs to create mobile apps (40%)
  • Management of mobile apps (36%)
  • Middleware platform for mobile (MBaaS) (34%)
  • App internal / corporate store (29%)
  • Development platform for mobile apps (28%)
  • Acquisition and management of mobile devices for employees (24%)

We believe these elements reflect a medium maturity in companies that answered the survey, since they are not concerned in key areas of infrastructure as would the management of mobile devices or the development platform. Apparently what happens is already developing mobile apps and find that:

There have simple and reusable mechanisms to incorporate business data in the apps.

Apps that are creating not meet the expected quality levels.

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