March 11, 2015

Five essential apps for your nights out this Christmas

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Christmas really cool, but when you go out at night you can fuss very brown. By the way, take a look at these apps.

What good Christmas, huh? Gifts, family, brother, meals … and yes, the nights out.

Because nothing not, but evenings out that often have just complicated if something abounds these days are: with friends, with colleagues, with co-when you went to school with anyone- that-is-tercie …

And hey, just fine these days go out partying like there was no tomorrow, but do us a favor and be careful. And in this sense, your phone can be a great ally: here are five apps that can not miss on your smartphone these days

1. Reserve restaurants

Typically you’re going to dinner with some friends who do not normally see, and although I do not know how many months have you been organizing the dinner, at the end there is nothing closed, neither the place nor the time, nor how many people will go all …

And you know that booking late these days is very complicated, so the adventure of going out to a restaurant to see if they can get away badly site.

If you find yourself in that situation and you need to find a place the same evening, we recommend The Fork, an application that lets you find and manage a restaurant reservation. Maybe you have to search across multiple sites, but in the end you will do everything much faster.

And if you keep still finding nothing but some friends have a good home is never ruled out that ask good takeout. And among the many options’ll Just Eat, Take Eat Easy or Red Refrigerator .

2. Taxi Apps

If the night was finished later than you had planned not play the fool and leave the car side walk. The downside is that perhaps hailed on the street becomes an impossible mission, but you can always opt for the apps to order one: myTaxi, Hailo and pidetaxi.

And if you do not like taxis and prefer something fairly sophisticated (and more expensive, eye), provided you can also use Cabify.

3. Apps to link

We are all adults, right? These nights are also to flirt. Especially if you’re in a city that is not yours, though if you are in yours, too-. The point is that these nights are given to it.

And here, friend / to my / a, the possibilities are almost endless: Tinder, Grindr, Badoo, happn, Lovoo, adopts an uncle, Groopify … you like the style you like, if you want a here-you-catch -and-then-and-see, the range of apps that will help you achieve this end is more varied.

4. Apps for plans

If you are spending the holidays in a city that is not yours (or if your friends are not the most fun in the world and no one would occur plans), quiet: there are applications where you can gather your friends or searching people we propose and make concrete plans in groups.

Here the range is wide: Fever, Come, ViveZone, Qhaceshoy, What’s Red … not for lack of apps, of course.

5. Apps for measuring alcohol

We repeat: if the night is bundled more than what you expected, let crap and do not take the car. But if you have to pick it up and you’re unsure of your status, some apps (including with gadget, do not believe it works by telepathy) can help you measure your blood alcohol level.

Here we will recommend one in particular: Alcohoot, an app from which you already talked about in his time and becomes, in their function, one of the best on the market to decide whether you can drive or take a taxi.

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