February 21, 2015

If you end up with a message about WhatsApp, it is that you’re pissed

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Ending a sentence with point and send WhatsApp makes you a sharp and angry person. At least is the conclusion drawn from a study by the State University of New York Binghamton, which analyzes how punctuation are interpreted in the messaging app.

If you receive a sentence by WhatsApp ending with a point, two, or is your mother, who can not write otherwise than as he taught when he was six years or the person who sent you the message is pissed.

You may even live pissed. What is clear is that his intentions are not hug you when I see you.

In the new era of communication, with billions of messages-from WhatsApp, Line, various applications, sms- written and sent every day, the scoring rules are relaxed and users create their own code, regardless of the RAE and the dictates of the academic elite. And the code is based on the same as all languages: facilitate communication.

At this point it has a very limited role. If someone finishes a sentence with a point in a chat we perceive the distance, a kind of sharp cut, think “which edge”. The study of the State University of New York Binghamton has confirmed our suspicions.

The researchers concluded that end with a period or an SMS message chats like WhatsApp and other mobile IM applications reflects insincerity, anger and snapped.

So of categorical researchers they have shown after learning the results of the study, which involved 126 college students. When asked Dave gave me tickets, will you come? ‘Participants to reply with expressions like ‘ok’, ‘yes’, ‘clear’ was asked.

These words would be auctioned, or not, for a period at the end. In assessing the reactions of those receiving response they realized the difference that marked the point.

This does not mean that mobile can rate the phrases as you would a boar. The study notes that there is something specific about using the point which makes it special and permeates the message sender by a halo of borderia. Needless to say, the study does not justify misspellings.

What about other punctuation marks?

Researchers have discovered that other punctuation point expressed otherwise. Finish the sentence with an exclamation point gives a touch of sincerity to the message.

And it is that users of mobile instant messaging applications communicate with what we have at hand, whether emoticons and images, but also misspellings or invented words that attempt to reproduce sounds.

Play the score on these posts is nothing but a way to communicate.

In fact the use of grammar evolves with new forms of communication.

Not the same type in a newspaper or on a test I do in an email and the picture changes again to send a mobile message. Thus, the researchers believe that the point is more accepted in the email that text messages.

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