February 13, 2015

Can a robot turn your child the next Mark Zuckerberg?

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Can a robot turn your child the next Mark Zuckerberg

Still you do not know what to give (your children, nephews, grandchildren) this Christmas? Canine patrol better what is petando the holidays, but maybe you want something a little more sensible for little kids.

To us he has loved the small Zowi robot, which also carries signature stamp Spanish Bq. The aim of Zowi is “to teach children that technology can be transparent, close and fun. It is a toy, but also an educational ecosystem with an educational tour. “And the truth is very cute. It is square and has dazzled us with its round eyes and mouth LED.

Zowi can walk, dance, avoid obstacles, making sounds and gestures with his mouth. All this can be controlled from the app that you must download and is free.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this little robot is that, to some extent, is able to interact with his surroundings. For example, Zowi eyes are actually ultrasonic sensors.

Put objects or hand up to his eyes and dodge to avoid bumping. It responds to touch on the head and close sounds and a built-in microphone to listen to what happens around them. If you give or pat pat with his head will react as if it were a person.

Since Bq Zowi want a robot to future programmers and they really do not walk misguided because it has a reprogrammable plate for the smaller you can teach new things.

Through Bitbloq a block programming tool, you can create new tunes or programmed to react to sounds. It can also be removed to see how inside and add new sensors to program with Bitbloq.

For each charge, Zowi has a range of eight hours of play, which is not bad and 80 at rest. Its dimensions are not very big, so you’ll have no spectacular, just 15 cm high and even half a kilo of weight.

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