January 23, 2015

The button that adds more than 30 shortcuts on the back of your phone

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The button that adds more than 30 shortcuts on the back of your phone

Air Button is a small extra button to stick on the back of the phone that can add a lot of shortcuts, like Spotify or combine your running app or Google Maps and radar warning.

The physical buttons on the phone are usually the on and off, volume and mute and in cases such as the iPhone, the ‘Home’ button. The time when the Android also had physical return button and menu and far away.

To this, they will gather two important aspects. First, what we have wasted NFC function of smartphones, we use it basically to share any content or linking devices, as mobile payments are still in a fairly early stage.

Secondly, we appreciate what we have cleared the back of the phone, with space for camera, flash, a speaker and logos manufacturers. But little else, is practically a desert area. A wastel and for covers that protect it.

Why not exploit the underutilized area? How many times have we had to unlock the terminal and go to the quick settings to activate the bluetooth or flashlight? Why not be able to place one or two shortcut buttons with the functions most commonly used?

This is the simple idea that developers had Air Button and successfully proposed Kick starter. It is a button that does not require any recharge or power that makes use of the NFC phone function without interfering at all with any other use.

The only downside is that the screen of the phone has to be turned on for the NFC chip is active.

The good thing about the initiative is that it has limited application combinations of actions or shortcuts to configure. For example, if you like the running you can have open at the same time your application Spotify and fitness. Or if you’re going to hop in the car you can program the button to open your browser and, for example, the warning radars.

Not only serves to open applications, it can also serve to activate the camera, record an audio note or video, activate call forwarding, set an alarm or even send an emergency alert if you are in any trouble.

The good thing is you can choose a model with a single button or double button, if you want more options at your fingertips. The first costs about 15 euros and 18 euros second (making the change dollars).

How do we know that these things engage (in this case the back of the phone) can put up to three stickers with Air Button on most Android phones. According to Engaged, in some models of HTC or Huawei, due to the nature of the chip, we could not put even one without causing interference.

Other ‘gadgets’ that leverage NFC

Pressy Kick starter also triumphed in only one day with a multifunction controller for Android. It was introduced into the headphone jack and can be programmed for various functions, depending on the sequence of keystrokes on the button.

Xiaomi copied the idea of physical configurable button with your product My Key, reducing the price from 15 to 2 euros, so the Chinese manufacturer somewhat by price and reliability of the manufacturer said.

The advantage of Air Button is not occupying the mini jack input of the device and its design is more gotten Dimple, a similar solution that offers up to four NFC configurable buttons.

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