January 2, 2015

The Daesh used apps to spread their messages

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Android application serves to disseminate propaganda Daesh. It is a streaming news and videos related to the terrorist group and has been detected by a hacker coletivo.

The new mantra of the promotion and advertising is you have to be mobile. A few years ago you had to be on the internet and now we have to sneak into the pocket of the users. And that goes for everyone, is that even for terrorists. Especially for the self-styled Islamic State Daesh, known for his sharp use of digital resources.

The Daesh uses social networks to make contact with individuals capable of assimilating its messages and join their cause, while the resource has used online video to get noticed and terrorize the Western world. His mastery of digital tools is such that applications used Telegram, which is encrypted messaging to communicate.

One of his last discovered resources is an Android application that provides a continuous stream of news and videos related to the activities of Daesh. It is an instrument of propaganda that would have been created by the Amaq News Agency, a group that have ties to Daesh.

The content of the application shows videos of performances and victories of the terrorist group, as discussed from Kronos Advisory, a company specializing in defense working for the US government entity. They are the link with the group of hackers Ghost Security Group, who have discovered the application of Daesh Android.

From Ghost Security Group confirm that the application is not available on Google Play, as expected, but the software distribution channels are removed from the official store.

The hacker group found that the application was being spread through shared through other services Telegram and encrypted communication link. By clicking the link users can download the application on an Android device.

Once you open the app displays a bulletin board and icons to play videos, all content related to the Daesh. There are no data on how many people have downloaded the application, whose existence was discovered only by the actions of Ghost Security Group.

This group is a form of organization is unstructured like Anonymous and specifically focuses its efforts against terrorism.

If we look at what they have, they would finish with more than 100,000 accounts in social networks used for recruitment.

It is not the only group of hackers has taken action against Daesh. After the attacks of Paris Anonymous focused its efforts on pressuring the terrorist group’s position on the Internet.

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