December 21, 2014

Half immediately delete apps installed

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A study analyzes the penetration and use of applications in Spain and shows little patience with those who have disappointed us.

There are two things that we value in our daily use of the phone. The first is our data rate and the second storage space we have. We both tend to disappoint, although much of that disappointment depends on us.

The thing is that we never arrive megawatts at the end of the billing cycle. It is partly because of the deal we hire and because not always know how to save mobile data on our device.

Something similar happens to us with the internal memory, we also falls short. This happens because we remain committed to buy phones from 8 or 16 GB of space, without weighing all the operating system on duty and, in the case of Android, all the preinstalled programs by manufacturers and telephone operators. In some cases we can lose up to 3 or 4 gigs between bells and whistles.

That is why we are relentless removing apps or photos and videos that concern us space yields the fact that about 50% of downloaded apps end up in the drawer of oblivion not meet expectations. And that’s hard to rescue them because they do not have the recurring Recycle Bin computers.

Analysis of mobile application users, for which takes into account smartphone owners from 16 to 55, shows that one has installed apps thirteen half. Are men aged 26-35 years who have most downloaded on their devices.

This coincides with another report prepared by The App Date, confirming the fact that we are becoming more selective before a new download, because we remain true to those who do not stop to use. In fact, according to the organization, they spend 89% of time devoted to the use of our terminals.

The most used apps

Viko study highlights the categories of communication, travel / map and society as the most used by the owners of smartphones. WhatsApp succeed (75% of respondents had installed), Google Maps (71%) and Facebook (70%).

But there is also room for entertainment and profit. Follow succeeding the ‘Candy Crush’ in section games (23%), but respondents also had room for any flashlight app (28%) and reference time (55%). Those who are a bit in the doldrums are QR code readers, and only 7% said they use one.

An important conclusion is that there is a correlation between the types of my most valued by the most downloaded, but there are also very specialized categories with lower market penetration are highly valued, such as sports, education and business.

Shopping via Mobile

The various shopping applications are present in half of the tested sample devices. Atomization in this case is great but there is a clear reference: Amazon. Then eBay, AliExpress or Wallapop appear.

This confirms data from the last study Mobile IAB Spain, where it is stated that nine out of ten people have used the phone on the phone in the purchasing process, whether for information on features, pricing or opinions a product. 60% of subjects who asked the association has ever bought via satellite phone.

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