November 12, 2014

So video calls will be WhatsApp

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After voice calls, instant messaging service is preparing the arrival of video calls. According to the leaked images, the appearance of the next tool WhatsApp would be as we show in the following photos.

They may be closer than it appears. After the arrival of voice calls WhatsApp, it appears that the next step of the subsidiary Facebook would incorporate a video call service and definitively challenging platforms such as Skype.

If it was rumored so far that the company was already working on this new feature, the end of 2015 arrives with what appears to be the leak that confirms this: as indicated by the German website Macerkopf, the video calls WhatsApp would be almost a reality would be as follows:

With a look quite similar to voice calls, WhatsApp have already created a tool that, in view of the filtered images, would turn off the microphone and camera change mobile in the middle of the video call.

For now, the images are nothing more than an apparent leak. Video calls WhatsApp still, for now, no date to land on our mobile phones. Although most likely they arrive throughout 2016.

So beware, because, for now, any promise of video calling activation is nothing but a scam.

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