October 28, 2014

WhatsApp crashes if you send a message with emoticons 4000

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It would be an extreme message, but reveals a vulnerability in the messaging app now owned by Facebook. Writing 4,000 WhatsApp emoticons could block. That would be the details of the fault and that’s how users should correct it if you receive such a message.

They smile and have become an essential element of our conversations, but they can also cause the odd headache: emoticons can block the application of WhatsApp.

Not surprisingly, an innocent message with more than 4,000 emoticons could leave the application inoperable. This vulnerability will force you to restart WhatsApp and delete this peculiar (and dangerous) barrage of emoticons to continue using the messaging service.

If at the end of last year the Indian researcher Indrajeet Bhuyan discovered a 2,000-word message that included some special characters could crash the application, now Bhuyan himself has discovered something similar about emoticons.

WhatsApp increased character limit per message to avoid to crash, but Bhuyan has discovered that by sending a message with more than 4,000 emoticons, the receiver application crashes and must be restarted so that it can continue to use it, but not before emojis clear the full message.

In addition to the mobile version, the vulnerability affect the version of WhatsApp Web browser–for which also would be blocked by the avalanche of emoticons.

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