September 17, 2014

WhatsApp emoticons come to life in GIF

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Despite being static, they are with us every day and accompany us in every conversation. WhatsApp emoticons celebrities, who have been a revolution in communication, now evolve Emogify GIF format.

WhatsApp still give the final touch to your application. As you prepare your next new thing that probably makes the instant messaging service into the world of video calls, it seems that the arrival of a WhatsApp GIF will not occur soon.

Telegram although they do offer users the possibility of using moving images, WhatsApp does not follow its wake. What is possible is to see the famous emoticons converted to GIF, and all thanks to Emogify.

This is the project of Lindsay Lamb, an American creative that has given life to the ’emoji’ we use everyday in WhatsApp … but you can not use the property in Facebook application.

What it allows Emogify is to see what happens with these emoticons when they leave the world of static. Thus, the waves are used by the surfer, kissing under the mistletoe occur and all faces are a sequence that goes from a smile to laughter.

Through the web created by Lamb, anyone can copy an image in GIF format and share (but not WhatsApp) and show that emoticons are more alive than ever. Therefore, they move.

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