June 9, 2014

The stick selfie final: a lengthy artificial arm

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The stick selfie final a lengthy artificial arm

This arm lie, long aspires to be like a light pole, is topped by a plastic hand holding the smartphone. Obviously, the user can press a button with his own hand (if you know where you have one) to take the picture, because otherwise it would have to be a real juggling for in the 10 seconds it takes the countdown from the camera, adjust the false hand fight with obscenely long sleeve shirt stretching selfie bat is inside, find the mobile screen in the distance from your position (the myopic will have more problems with this) and lock the focus.

Let’s look at the rest of their secrets. The inventor, such Mansoon, is a Japanese comedian who has raised the need to hide the shame that produce selfies sticks. For this it occurred it would be much less embarrassing carrying a false arm and a half meters (approx) topped with a plastic hand.

It was a brilliant idea, so I needed Mansoon sought to perpetrate.

The basic ingredients were selfie a stick-this was the most basic of all-a prosthetic hand which the inventor acquired through Amazon- and a shirt with sleeves could serve as a belt. I just had to adapt to a smartphone hand remained tight grip on it and look natural.

Maybe when Mansoon was knitting the shirt as a patient –imagine mosle spinner hunched over his machine tejer- had to ask what to do with a shirt with long sleeves but only a false arm selfie.

Once discarded the option to make a shirt with a long sleeve and the other not (perhaps already had bought the fabric and in no way could miss), Mansoon should have said ‘eureka’ (in Japanese).

That could be as Mansoon ended up buying two prosthetic hands on Amazon instead of one, two selfies sticks and the two sleeves remained stretched like chewing gum. It could also be that from the beginning this was his idea. In any case, the Japanese inventor has developed a complete product and you can see posing proudly with his selfie clothing.

Never mind that taking a picture with the false arm look like a punch selfie Dhalsim, the yogi of Street Fighter, which has often technology is innovation. Should she not called that?

Profile Mansoon invites us to think that his invention is merely a way to call attention to the fashion of the selfie sticks and make fun a little step. Although who knows, maybe this rarity makes furor in Japan.

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