May 15, 2014

This makes the fish fork has chocolate flavor

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This makes the fish fork has chocolate flavor

Your mother would have given anything to have this gadget to the food you end up as a kid. This holder is able to change the taste of a food with another. The fish do not like chocolate might even know.

Molecular cuisine is the order of the day. If you also joins the concept of volatile flavors, this is not going over gastronomy.

Surely, grandmothers and mothers around the world will throw their hands in their head but inventions like we’re going to show them you would have saved a lot of headaches and screaming in our childhood before those eternal vegetable dishes.

This is a fork that emits an aroma even able to change the flavor of what we are eating. The invention in question is called Aromafork and is the brainchild of the company Molecule-R.

Our taste buds can recognize five tastes primary as sweet, salty, sour or bitter. However, through the nose we can detect many more culinary nuances when they reach the palate during exhalation. Remember that when you’re cold food loses its flavor.

Therefore, the key is that Aromafork releases scents while breathing, which offers twice the flavors so that the brain perceives as we fill the crop.

Aromarfork technique is very simple. In appearance, it is a simple steel fork carrying a small indentation where we can place paper pills flavored with the smell that we please. Can you imagine eating fish-scented chocolate or vegetables scented gum?

This fork kit comes with a few bottles of aromas. To choose the scent that you want to “eat”, you should only put a few drops in the diffuser papers, put them in the hollow of the holder and ready to eat. Immediately, the holder starts to release the desired smell and your food will become whatever you want.

Imagine you’re dieting and you menu today consists of a boiled silverfish. Yes, very healthy, but perhaps little tasty. In Aromarfork you can give a taste of coffee, peanuts, mint, pepper, cinnamon, wasabi, butter, smoke, truffle … In total, 21 Aromafork offers up scents / flavors.

And you can rest assured that your health is not in danger. From Molecule-R explain that to develop the usual flavorings used food additives.

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