April 15, 2014

Infamous gifts: covers geeks for your iPhone

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Infamous gifts

IPhone universe is infinite. Search a cover that suits your tastes and needs can be a laborious work sick. To save a little time we have selected the most unusual / rare / geeks / ugly covers (choose what more you whip) we’ve found.

If you get to give away any of these cases iPhone this Christmas leave an unforgettable impression (bad)

The Prynt case you want to keep all your memories alive. Therefore, it lets you print the Polaroid style snapshots directly from your iPhone. You can print any photo mini photo paper strips and is priced at 149 euros.

With the new Star Wars movie inspired selling in the saga of George Lucas products it has skyrocketed. If you are one of the lovers of this blockbuster must know that there are all a bunch of covers for iPhone. All you have, for example, with the figure of Han Solo when frozen in carbonite and given to Boba Fett.

The Strapya brand is ideal for gourmands. Sweet Chocolate sheath appears to be a tempting chocolate cake topped red fruit. What you’re not dulcero? For there are also versions of sushi, noodles or grilled eel. Each costs 35 euros.

The Hand iPhone Case is a somewhat sinister case. Is affixed hand silicone realistic sea that will make more of a scary sticking. The model is in adult and child. It costs about 40 euros.

Although there are also practical cases within the raruro universe.

For example, the opener iBottle, carrying a bottle opener included.

What is one of the strengths of iPhone? Its design, right? Well then, let’s blow it at a stroke with a cover that simulates phones Pleistocene. The Mobile Phone Massif will return in a heartbeat to the 80s and phone-brick.

Okay, snake skin is fine in bags and shoes and the idea of carrying a bag not look bad, but is it necessary to place the entire snake? Indeed, better not.

A little on the line of the sheath that turns your iPhone into brick reaches 80 banana-founded. Yes, enter your unique iPhone cover with a banana shape. Very logical, right? Above all it seems to be extremely comfortable … Ideal for carrying in your pocket.

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