March 11, 2014

A phone proof that you can scrub soap dishes as

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A phone proof that you can scrub soap dishes as

With its five inches, the Kyocera Worth Rafre can be a before and after in the world of mobile telephony: it is designed to be washed with soap and water without any problem.

Water and soap. Two elements that nobody in their right mind would put near your mobile phone. However, the latest addition to the Japanese company Kyocera has made it possible: You can now wash your phone under a faucet.

The point is that, although the screens of our smartphones are small colonies of bacteria, clean a phone is something almost unthinkable, at least, with soap and water to ensure cleanliness of the device.

Worthy Rafre Now, the device launched by the Japanese company, can be used in all conditions: with wet after washing or even in the kitchen while reading recipes even if you spill water to the device screen.

With Andorid 5.1 and 5-inch screen, the Kyocera Worth Rafre costs 57,420 yen (about 430 euros) and will bring peace to many users: it’s over suffer for having a mobile dirty or because they accidentally get wet.

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