February 9, 2014

This is the first drone with R2D2 body (and is called Arturo)

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This is the first drone with R2D2 body (and is called Arturo)

Take a walk through the mall and see that in the section of “toys” are two big stars for Christmas: the drones and Star Wars products. Both the one and the other are cool thing. Why choose? Now you can have the drone of R2D2.

The fever for the next installment in the saga of George Lucas, who has just been released, does that every time we see more products related to Star Wars.

One of the most curious apetecibles- -and we found was a drone with how adorable galactic character. Responsible for giving life has been a director of aerial photography in addition to faithfully recreate the figure of the companion C3PO gets to issue the same noises he. And to top perfection, flies. Sure, it’s a drone.

The device in question has four propellers, thrusters LED lights you have in the feet and a built in speaker that emits the characteristic sounds robotic friend. Come on, like R2D2 was in the real world.

Although the inventor of this drone has not named the film character, but as Arthur, the truth is that is quite complete.

It has a GPS navigation system with autopilot, a camera installed in his eye and a dome of joint. Come on, you still have time to put it in the letter to Santa Claus/Kings.

The truth is that it is not the first time we see the nice R2D2 the skies. Last summer another fan of Star Wars created another “flying” model to look at Comic-Con. His thing now would be to give him a winged companion, one C3PO, for example.

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