January 2, 2014

Firefox Mobile OS: What’s that for?

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Firefox Mobile

Mozilla today released Firefox OS, a new operating system for mobile devices.

Here the main points about this information:

Mozilla has been working for some time on this project, previously known as “Boot to Gecko”. Today it was announced that “getting serious” and is supported by the following carriers: Deutsche Telecom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telephonic and Telenor.

Firefox OS is an operating system completely based on Web standards, where all applications are built using HTML5, Javascript and CSS. Broadly speaking, we could say that Firefox OS will be a browser installed on a Linux kernel.

To enable applications to use all the features of the phone, Mozilla has been developing technology to enable the different functionalities of low level of the phone (calls, messages, camera, etc.) available to the apps that run on a special version Firefox browser.

I live (the trademark of Telephonic in Brazil) offered in Brazil the first Firefox OS devices are expected to happen in the first quarter of 2013.
My analysis

When I found out recently, I put a face very similar to skepticism that you may have as you read this. What the heck need another mobile OS?

But after digesting a little, I begin to believe that this strategy makes sense.

Firefox OS is designed to work well on phones with low computing power. Basically, it comes to have a strategy to provide smartphone market segment feature phones used today. No wonder Telephonic believes that “Firefox OS is a game changer.”

I know Android covers part of that segment, but the truth is I do not think he has done a good job. In an effort to address a broad range of equipment and features, Android is too fragmented, and this fragmentation results in a less than optimal experience for all users, carriers and developers.

If Firefox OS works well in low range devices, Android can focus on doing things right in the premium segment smarthpones.

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